The Purposeful Personal Brand Workshop

The Purposeful Personal Brand

One of my favorite talks is one I give about finding my personal purpose — and building (and evolving) a personal brand that feels authentic and true to who I am. One that also helps me help others.

I enjoy that talk for two reasons:

  1. It connects with almost everybody on some level. And if I can use my experience to help others have light bulb moments that make them better at their craft or more fulfilled personally, I’m on could nine.
  2. I truly believe that people have more power in their individual strengths and talents than they realize. People leave my talk feeling energized to change that. And that is very powerful, indeed.

A while back I expanded that talk and put my methodologies for finding my purpose and caring for my personal brand into a workshop. People really like it, so I wanted to share it with more of you.

In August and early September I will be conducting the workshop for small groups of 12. It’s virtual, and includes two half day sessions and access to lots of great tools and worksheets. Here are the dates. Click on each to learn more and to register:

I’ll add more dates in the future, so be sure to sign up for my emails to get notified.

P.S. As a special thank you for following my blog and LinkedIn posts, use coupon code ppb50 for $50 bucks off registration.