Speaking and Presenting

Public Speaking and Presentation Coaching

Powerful and persuasive presentations require more skill than simply creating and talking through slides. They must strike the right balance of many factors including your story, your verbal and nonverbal delivery, and your slides. Good presenters also know how to field and answer virtually any question that may come their way during or after a presentation.

That’s How We Help

We coach our clients both individually and through group training and workshops — and we’ll customize the right approach for you after we discuss your specific needs and goals.

Examples of topics our coaching programs typically cover include:

  • Speaking with clarity and confidence
  • Reducing speaking anxiety and nervousness
  • Ensuring nonverbal delivery, including tone of voice and body language, is effective and appropriate
  • Editing your script and slides for maximum impact
  • Rehearsing your presentation until you are absolutely ready, especially for high stakes meetings like FDA Advisory Committees, EMA Oral Explanations, pitches, and other critical events
  • Listening to, and fielding, questions — and answering them clearly and fully
  • Ensuring your presentation connects with your audience, whoever and wherever they are, and is delivered with brilliance

It’s About You and Your Audience

You’re the expert when it comes to your topic and your data. That’s not why you need us. Our coaching services help you deliver that information in a way that will connect with your audience and influence the outcome in your favor.

No matter what your goal for the presentation, your audience needs to be thoroughly engaged and you need to present yourself as credible and trustworthy in order to achieve it.

We can help.