A Proven System Designed to Help Life Sciences Companies Win

Your early- to mid-stage company has a great team and a breakthrough therapy, diagnostic, or device that addresses an unmet patient need. Now you need the support and funding required for next steps. 

To break through the noise, you need a strong and persuasive pitch presentation that tells your story in a compelling way, and that you can deliver with confidence. Of course your data, and your diagnostic, drug or device, are the star of the show. But in these early stages it’s also as much about you and how you deliver your messages to investors, partners, and key opinion leaders.

Why are most pitch presentations so ineffective?

Frankly, they usually provide too much detail, have incoherent storylines, blur their value propositions, or don’t speak clearly to the specific stakeholder you need to convince. We’ve seen it too many times — and in most cases the problem is with the delivery, not the data.

We created this program to help.

PitchingLife is a process that will help you craft your pitch decks so they tell a compelling story, look stellar, and get to the heart of your pitch quickly and in the most engaging manner. And, we teach you how to present it with confidence and persuasiveness. 

Once our process is complete, you’ll have a powerful presentation that you can deliver masterfully. You’ll also be ready to answer virtually any question and manage any objection.

We can also join you on pitches for last minute rehearsals as well as to provide any in-meeting support you need, in person or virtually.

We’re with you all the way.

After our initial work together we can stay by your side to support you on your presentations and delivery until your organization is large enough to hire in house teams (which we can train on our process). We can also help you craft effective follow-up communications to create a sense of urgency for investors.

Ready to learn more?

Get in touch with us to talk about how the PitchingLife process can help you take your pitch presentations to a higher and more persuasive level.