Strengths Coaching

We Help Leaders Turn Strengths into Leadership Superpowers

If you want your leaders to perform well and inspire others, teach them how to leverage their top strengths. Then, help them feel motivated to use strengths that aren’t as natural to them in a way that feels authentic, not forced.

That’s what our strengths coaching programs do. We help leaders identify their top strengths, and learn to leverage them to be a more effective, motivated, authentic, and engaged leader.

Here’s how strengths coaching works:

  1. We typically begin with a strengths assessment (we have our favorites). Once a leader knows their top strengths, they can start to identify how they can use them to be more effective.
  2. Then, we develop a plan to leverage their strengths, avoid overdoing them (in other words, address the blind spots their strengths can cause), and be motivated to use strengths that they need to lead, but that are not as comfortable for them to use.
  3. Finally, we provide guidance on how to communicate effectively about their strengths and how to use them to build relationships with team members and stakeholders.

The benefits of offering strengths coaching to your leaders (or yourself) are numerous:

  • Increased self-awareness: Becoming more aware of your own strengths and how you can use them to be more effective is only part of it. You’ll also be more aware, and respectful, of the stregnths of others as a result.
  • Improved communication and teamwork: Communicate more effectively with your team members and build stronger relationships.
  • Enhanced decision-making: Make better decisions by using your strengths to gather information and weigh options.
  • Increased motivation and engagement: Stay motivated and engaged in your work by using your strengths to achieve goals.
  • Reduced stress and burnout: Use your strengths to manage your workload and cope with challenges.
All too often, we see time being wasted taking the wrong approach to helping leaders develop strengths that they are not comfortable using — in other words, to overcome weaknesses.
Look, we get it. Of course today’s leaders need to flex strengths that they don’t typically lean on, or prefer. It comes with the territory. But the truth is that if a leader isn’t motivated to use a strength that they don’t typically leverage — they will never use it well.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your people learn how to use their strengths to their, and your organization’s, advantage.