Communication Coaching and Training for Biotech and Life Sciences Leaders

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We help biotech and life sciences leaders and teams be their best — when speaking, presenting, and leading.

Here’s how we help:

  • Preparing for and Delivering at High Stakes Meetings. We help clients create and deliver winning pitches, successful regulatory Interactions, internal meetings, and more.
  • Leadership Development. We teach and coach life sciences leaders on the soft skills they need to inspire high performing teams.
  • Speaking, Presenting, & Storytelling. The data doesn’t speak for itself. We help leaders turn complex concepts and data into clear, compelling stories.
  • Workplace Relationships. Our team effectiveness programs deepen interpersonal relationships and help biotech teams reach their highest potential and be at their collaborative best.
  • Career Journey & Transition Coaching. We’ve developed special programs that help biotech and life sciences leaders excel at work, or transition to new chapters of their careers.

Why Comvia?

We know life sciences. Our principals have decades of experience in medical, marketing, and regulatory communications for the healthcare industry. We also have specific experience helping drug development teams create compelling messages and present them with clarity and confidence during high-stakes presentations and Q&A sessions like FDA Advisory Committee meetings and EMA Oral Explanations

We have also helped founders and CEOs of early- and mid-stage life sciences companies pitch their businesses to investors and strategic partners with confidence and brilliance. And, we are skilled advisors and coaches to healthcare teams with communication problems that impact internal dynamics and corporate culture. 

In short, we understand the unique challenges and triumphs that healthcare leaders encounter every day. 

Here are some examples of the skills and themes we have incorporated into coaching and training programs for our biotech and life sciences clients: 

Whether you need to help your teams communicate better so they can be at their collaborative best, or develop the leadership communication skills of certain individuals, we’ll create programs for your specific needs.


In their own words…

“I can’t tell you how much of an impact your leadership communication coaching has had on my team. The difference from where we were to where we are now is significant.”


Global Biopharmaceutical Company

Comvia led and facilitated a series of programs with our team to improve communication and help us be more effective in conflict resolution and overall teamwork. The programs added measurable value to our team. We are delivering more effectively on the day to day cadence of the team and also maintaining a high level of engagement during the typical ups and downs in biotech.  

President & CEO

Early-stage Biotech Company

“Your input and coaching helped us make our pitch presentation much more engaging, clear, and compelling. We’ve never been more confident in telling the Basin Genomics story to investors and partners.”

Jenna Baker, PhD
 Founder & CEO

Basin Genomics, Inc.

Our company hired Comvia to deliver Effective Listening workshops to our employees. They provided a meaningful learning experience that has had a positive impact on our staff. We also hired them to work with an employee to improve that employee’s communication skills. I highly recommend them and look forward to leveraging their expertise for future employee training.

Executive Vice President

Life Sciences Learning & Development Company

“I’ve never felt more prepared to give a presentation, and to answer tough questions, than I do now. Thank you.”

Chief Medical Officer

Clinical-stage Biopharmaceutical Company

“Your work with our team and on our pitch presentation made us more confident and much better at clearly telling our story. We will use the skills we learned from you again and again in the future.”


Medical Diagnostics Company