Communication Coaching for High Stakes Regulatory Meetings

FDA Advisory Committees, EMA Oral Explanations, Scientific Advisory Groups, and More…

Preparing for a high stakes regulatory meeting is hard work. Yes, your data matters. So does your story. Successfully communicating during a high stakes meeting takes a lot of practice — and expert communication skills. 

We have helped countless drug development teams create compelling messages and present them with clarity and confidence during high-stakes regulatory interactions, including FDA Advisory Committee meetings and EMA Oral Explanations. We also make sure our clients are prepared to perform their best during Q&A (which is the most critical part of any high stakes interaction).

How We Help

  • Presentation Scripting
  • Slide Development and Refinement
  • Slide Inventory and Version Control  
  • Presentation Delivery Coaching
  • Q&A Preparation and Answer Refinement
  • Q&A Rehearsal and Coaching 

You know your therapy or device, and you know your data. Let us help you communicate it well when it matters most.

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