Podcast Show Art Feature Robert Jordan

Leadership Styles with Robert Jordan

On the next episode of The Leadership Communication Show, I speak with Robert Jordan, co-founder and head of the leadership team at InterimExecs — a leadership executive matching firm that matches organizations with the right leaders to step in during times of trouble or stagnation.  Robert and I were introduced earlier this year and when we first met, we


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Blind Spots and Strengths Gone Awry

Oops, I did it again. I came off as arrogant. Now, I’ve been called arrogant 4 times during my professional journey. Each time it hurt my heart. Because I don’t mean to be perceived that way. Ever. Full stop. Arrogance is the flip side of my self-confidence strength. And when I show up as overly


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Core Strengths Platform Enhancements

Here’s some news for clients who are using the Core Strengths platform — a new User Dashboard feature!   The new dashboard is the first screen you’ll see when you log in, and brings the following enhancements: The new user dashboard makes unlocking the power of Relationship Intelligence easier and more personalized than ever before. Give it


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