The Power of Your Name

See my facial expression in this photo? It’s expressing how I feel when someone calls me “Mike” right after I’ve introduced myself as “Michael.” If you call me Mike and you aren’t family or a super-close friend, I know you don’t know me well. What else does it mean? That’s right, the person didn’t listen. …

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Leadership Superpowers (and Kryptonite)

Before I ran my own businesses, I would get a piece of feedback during some annual reviews that would annoy me — incredibly. It came in different permeations, but always sounded something like this: Okay, so listen. I’m a supportive person. I get it. It’s one of my top strengths, and frankly it’s a superpower for …

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Podcast Show Art Feature Robert Jordan

Leadership Styles with Robert Jordan

On the next episode of The Leadership Communication Show, I speak with Robert Jordan, co-founder and head of the leadership team at InterimExecs — a leadership executive matching firm that matches organizations with the right leaders to step in during times of trouble or stagnation.  Robert and I were introduced earlier this year and when we first met, we …

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