Authentic Leadership

Leadership Coaches Michael Piperno and Tony Marignetti

Upcoming: The Coaches Are In

Leadership requires stepping outside of your comfort zone from time to time. ▶︎ What’s one thing you need to do that you’re not doing? ▶︎ Is there a pattern you’ve found yourself stuck in? ▶︎ What are you tolerating that you shouldn’t? Michael Piperno and fellow coach Tony Martignetti are going to discuss how to step out of your comfort zone, […]


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Authentic Leadership: Beyond Buzzwords

Authenticity. We hear that word a lot these days — and I’m glad people are talking about it. The problem is, many leaders struggle to be authentic. Why? For one, it takes work. Plus, outdated notions of good leadership where vulnerability, empathy, and emotions were supposed to be kept out of the workplace still have


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