Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)

New Insights in the Core Strengths Platform

If you’ve experienced the SDI 2.0 assessment with us, you know how powerful the relationship intelligence and communication tools are. And they’re getting better! There is a new and improved feature in Compare called Insights. You can use them to: Log in to the Platform to use these new features today! Want to help your […]


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Leadership Superpowers (and Kryptonite)

Before I ran my own businesses, I would get a piece of feedback during some annual reviews that would annoy me — incredibly. It came in different permeations, but always sounded something like this: Okay, so listen. I’m a supportive person. I get it. It’s one of my top strengths, and frankly it’s a superpower for


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Blind Spots and Strengths Gone Awry

Oops, I did it again. I came off as arrogant. Now, I’ve been called arrogant 4 times during my professional journey. Each time it hurt my heart. Because I don’t mean to be perceived that way. Ever. Full stop. Arrogance is the flip side of my self-confidence strength. And when I show up as overly


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Core Strengths Platform Enhancements

Here’s some news for clients who are using the Core Strengths platform — a new User Dashboard feature!   The new dashboard is the first screen you’ll see when you log in, and brings the following enhancements: The new user dashboard makes unlocking the power of Relationship Intelligence easier and more personalized than ever before. Give it


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