Leadership Coaches Michael Piperno and Tony Marignetti

Upcoming: The Coaches Are In

Leadership requires stepping outside of your comfort zone from time to time. ▶︎ What’s one thing you need to do that you’re not doing? ▶︎ Is there a pattern you’ve found yourself stuck in? ▶︎ What are you tolerating that you shouldn’t? Michael Piperno and fellow coach Tony Martignetti are going to discuss how to step out of your comfort zone, […]


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Conve AI Powered Speaking Coach from Comvia Screen Shot

Introducing Convé — Your AI Powered Speaking Coach

Want to work to improve your speaking skills even when your Comvia coach is not by your side? With the power of AI, you can now get private, real-time coaching anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re giving a presentation, participating in an interview, or simply having a conversation, Convé can help you sound your best. It even


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Podcast episode art featuring Rachelle Lee

Teaching Leaders to Coach with Rachelle Lee

On the next episode of ⁠The Leadership Communication Show⁠, I speak with Rachelle Lee of Einblau & Associates.  Rachelle is a sought-after management consultant specializing in training, succession strategy, coaching, leadership, strengths assessments, and strategic planning.  She has provided consulting and advisory services to both public and private sectors in organizations as wide ranging as engineering, financial


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Coaching for Commitment Course

Today’s workplace requires that leaders “coach” their employees to inspire commitment to productivity and results. Correcting poor performance and performance related problems is a task most managers avoid because they don’t know how to discuss problems effectively with employees. This course addresses this dilemma and teaches two methodologies that give managers and leaders more confidence


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