Podcast Art Featuring John Reeve of Intervals

Improving Communication through Technology with John Reeve

John Reeve is co-founder and senior developer/designer of one of my favorite digital tools — cloud-based time tracking and project management software called Intervals

I have used John’s software for over a decade and I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a fanboy. It helped me grow a brand communication agency and keep my team on the same page — and John and his co-founder Michael always made me feel important, even though they had much larger clients in their portfolio. I invited John to come on the show to talk about how his software improves communication for teams, and about how technology has played a role in his leadership journey.

We talk about everything from remote team huddles to morning stand-ups to load balancing on servers (!) — it was a great conversation about how we can use technology to help make communication not only more effective — but happen in the first place.

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