Podcast Art - Conflict with Dr. Robyn

Productive Conflict with Dr. Robyn

Navigating conflict is something I discuss quite often with my clients. While most of us dislike conflict, the fact is that we can’t completely avoid it.

My friend and colleague Dr. Robyn Odegaard, a former competitive beach volleyball player turned high performance psychologist, is an expert in conflict management. She even wrote a book about it called The Ultimate Guide to Handling Every Disagreement Every Time. It’s full of great tips and reminders that you can use to have productive conflict in your work and personal life.

I asked Dr. Robyn to come on the show to talk about how we deal with conflict, how to make it as productive as possible, and also how to help each other avoid it when we can.

It was a great conversation. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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