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Lessons in Leadership (and Life Sciences) with David Esposito

New season, new name! For the first episode of Season 2 of my podcast, The Leadership Communication Show, I invited my colleague and friend David Esposito to the show to talk about leadership lessons he has learned during his career.

David is President and CEO of ONL Therapeutics, a company that is developing therapeutics to preserve sight and halt vision loss associated retinal disease. His leadership journey is fascinating and includes leading an infantry platoon through several combat operations, climbing the ranks inside big pharma, and building and scaling multiple early-stage life-sciences companies. 

Listen to this episode to hear how David uses learnings from his military service and professional experience to lead and grow. We talk about getting unstuck, winning the war on top talent, being vulnerable as a leader, dealing with failure, and the character traits required of today’s influential and inspiring leaders. 

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