Convey is becoming The Leadership Communication Show

Hello to my wonderful readers and podcast listeners. Thanks for joining me for season 1 of Convey — Conversation About Communication. I learned a lot from my guests during the season, and I hope you did as well. I also learned a lot about podcasting and about what my audience wants to hear and learn.

So, I’ve decided to rename the show. Later this month Season 2 will debut, and the show will be called The Leadership Communication Show. The focus of the podcast will be to help people like you be the inspiring and influential leaders their people need. And I’ve got a line-up of really terrific guests who I know you are going to enjoy.

Why the name change? Well, my personal mission as a leadership communication teacher and coach is to help good leaders be great leaders through the power of communication. The new title feels like a better fit for what the show will focus on in season 2 (and beyond).

I promise that you’ll learn something from each guest that will help you along your personal leadership journey. 

Stay tuned for episode 1, coming your way soon. And Thanks for listening. I appreciate it.