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Join Us for our Next Life Sciences Leadership Series Zoom

Discussion Topic: Transitioning to the Early Stage — Do I have what it takes?

Tuesday, May 23 @ 6:00 p.m. | Location: Zoom

Are you a senior leader in healthcare thinking about a career change or pivot? Wondering if you have what it takes to join the entrepreneurial side of healthcare?

If you are thinking about making a transition to leading in the early-stage, join us on Tuesday, May 23 at 6:00 p.m. for a special discussion with David Esposito, a leader who has done it. He even wrote a book about it.

The reality is that leading in the early stage is tough. Initial plans don’t always come together, cash is always tight, decisions must be made now without waiting for more information — and you are fully accountable. There is no large matrix organization in which to play the blame game. 

It is important to assess your current level of frustration in your career with the difficult (but also very fulfilling) journey of leadership in the early stage of healthcare. 

That’s what we’ll discuss during this 45-minute session. It’s an informal discussion where our host and guest will share their experiences coaching senior healthcare leaders through career changes and other high-stakes moments. You’ll also be able to ask questions that may be on your mind about writing the next chapter of your healthcare career.

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