Podcast Art Featuring Graham Brown and Thought Leadership as the Topic

Thought Leadership with Graham Brown 

On the next episode of The Leadership Communication Show, I speak with Graham Brown, founder of the Award Winning Podcast Agency, Pikkal & Co.

Graham is a published author on the subject of The Digital Transformation of Communication. His work has been featured in the Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal and he has helped shape the communications strategies of some of the world’s leading organizations.

He’s a passionate storyteller who specializes in helping global corporations and government agencies find their voice with podcasts. And as you likely know, podcasting is one of the best ways to demonstrate thought leadership, which is something Graham knows inside and out.

We discussed thought leadership, purpose, vulnerability, imposter syndrome, the value of attention, facing rejection, finding your why, podcasting, and more.

It was a great conversation, and I hope you find it helpful. 

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