Podcast Show Art with Matthew Hogan

Self-Mastery with Matthew Hogan

On the next episode of ⁠The Leadership Communication Show⁠, I speak with ⁠Matthew Hogan⁠

Matthew works with leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives to find purpose and clarity in their work and in their lives. Through his coaching, facilitating, and teaching, he helps people listen to their inner voice and discover their true potential.

Matthew has an endless fascination and devotion to the path of self-mastery and living an aligned life. His own personal journey, which he shares on the show, has created the foundation for what inspires and propels him — and has defined how he supports his clients.

We talk about confidence and insecurity; self-leadership; how to influence, engage, and empower yourself; fulfillment and purpose (and how differently we all define those terms); relationships at work; and how individuals can increase their self-awareness to become better leaders.

I always enjoy my conversations with Matthew, and this one is no different. He makes me think — deeply and differently — and I think he’ll make you think differently, too.

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