Podcast Cover Art: Storytelling with Heather Hardwick

Storytelling with Heather Hardwick

I have worked with my colleague and friend Heather Hardwick on a variety of communication initiatives over the years — and I’ve always been impressed with how she can see the story that needs to be told before anyone else has even created an outline or written a single line of copy. That’s why I invited her to come on the show to share some of her brilliance with you.

Heather is a brand communications leader who designs programs and solutions that advance business strategy, reinforce brand narrative, enhance customer experience and strengthen culture. She has worked in both corporate and agency environments to achieve the marketing communications goals of industry-leading organizations in education, financial services, healthcare, technology, energy, arts and entertainment, real estate and other sectors. 

We talk about everything from connecting with your audience on an emotional level to framing your story, positioning, personal branding, trust, and building strong brand and business relationships through the power of strategic and authentic storytelling.

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Learn more about Heather here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heathermhardwick/

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