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Sounding Good with Steven Piperno

In the final episode of the first season of Convey, I wanted you all to know that my brother, Steven Piperno, helped me get this thing off the ground. He’s an audio engineer and he mixed the audio for every episode of the show — taking out ugly sounds like fan noises and the occasional leaf blower or lawnmower in the background. His work also made me and my guests sound better than we ever would have without his sonic assistance.

By day, Steven is Head of Global Workforce Analytics at a company called FIS. He’s also a husband, dad, musician, and, as you now know, a talented audio engineer. 

On this episode, we talk about our shared passion for music and audio, how to sound your best in virtual meetings, tips for tweaking your podcast audio to make it shine, and other advice for ensuring you don’t neglect the importance of sound when showing up online or in audio and video recordings. 

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Learn more about Steven and the music for kids he writes and performs with his wife, Katie, here: https://www.steveandkatie.com

Podcast Gear Discussed:

Contact Michael if you want to be connected to Steve for audio engineering work for your podcast, hit song, or corporate content.

Learn more about your host here: https://www.wearecomvia.com/about/ and here: https://www.michaelpiperno.com/about-michael-piperno/