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Making Meaningful Connections with Lisa L. Baker

On the latest episode of The Leadership Communication Show, I speak with Lisa L. Baker, Founder of Ascentim, a coaching practice that guides clients to live more meaningful and abundant lives.

Lisa has over two decades of success in a series of leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies that include Synchrony, Microsoft, Citigroup and Bank One. At Synchrony, a company with over 16,000 employees, she he was Senior Vice President and General Manager in charge of growing the $2.5B eBay credit portfolio.

One of the pillars of Lisa’s coaching practice is connections — and of course, building meaningful relationships with them. That’s why I invited her to the show today.

We talk about the difference between networking and connecting, how relationships are essential for growing your career, and the value of personal advisory boards, sponsors, mentors, champions, colleagues, coaches, and heroes.

It was a great conversation about how connections can help in almost every aspect of your career journey. I hope you find it helpful. 

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