Leading Creative Teams with Dan Nestle

Leading Creative Teams with Dan Nestle

On the next episode of The Leadership Communication Show, I speak with Dan Nestle about leading creative teams. Dan’s a communicator, storyteller, marketer, team leader, and former teacher — which is something we share in our career paths. And he’s a creator. He writes, he podcasts and he’s a seasoned marketer and leader who currently leads communications for LIXIL Americas — a company that makes water and housing products you likely have in your home or office right now.

I invited Dan to be on the show because his passion for communications and creativity are very much aligned with mine. We’ve had some great conversations over the past year or so, and I thought a conversation with him about nurturing creativity in teams would be fun. 

We talk about collaboration, creating safe spaces to share ideas, game-changing ideas, authentic relationships, and the importance of communication when balancing creativity and business goals. My conversations with Dan are always fun and insightful — I hope you enjoy listening to this one. 

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