Inclusive Leadership with Heather Hansen

Inclusive Leadership with Heather Hansen

On the next episode of The Leadership Communication Show, my conversation is with Heather Hansen, Global Communication Consultant, TEDx Speaker, Trainer and Author.

Heather helps top global leaders show up, speak up, and inspire action in a changing world. She focuses on fostering unmuted communication cultures where every voice is heard, resulting in greater inclusion, innovation and efficiency across remote and global teams.

Along with private leadership communication coaching, Heather facilitates group training courses and consults on a number of topics related to global communication.

Heather is also an External Industry Expert for NUS Business School’s Executive Education programs where she runs modules on communication, presentation, and storytelling skills.

I invited Heather to the show because we’ve had some great conversations about inclusive leadership and I thought my listeners would enjoy hearing her perspective.

We talk about communication’s role in leadership (hint, it’s everything), language, accents, bias, racism, sexism, stereotypes, belonging, and trust — and how language is at the heart of it all. It was a fascinating conversation. I hope you find it helpful. 

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• Get Heather’s Book — Unmuted: How to Show Up, Speak Up and Inspire Action

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