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Communicating and Leading Across Cultures with Gilda D’Incerti

On the next episode of The Leadership Communication Show, I speak with Gilda D’Incerti, CEO & Founder of PQE Group who joined me in my virtual studio all the way from Florence, Italy!

Gilda is recognized as an international expert in the field of IT system validation in life sciences. And her company is known for helping pharmaceutical and life sciences companies of all sizes achieve, maintain, and even exceed compliance with the latest regulations — contributing to a safer pharmaceutical environment. 

Her company has more than 1500 employees located all over the world, with local subsidiaries in regions ranging from the US to Australia. Gilda founded PQE group in 1998, and now has a truly diverse workforce that represents more than 40 nationalities.

She’s also a writer who has published articles about leadership, inclusion, diversity, and global business practices for major publications including Forbes.

Can you see why she’s a great guest for a conversation about communicating across cultures?

We talk about language, meaning, valuing otherness, and examples of cultural differences that can cause communication breakdowns even with the best intent of all parties. Gilda also shares specific experiences (both achievements and missteps) she has had as a leader when opening offices in new parts of the world. 

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