Executive Presence

Leadership Superpowers (and Kryptonite)

Before I ran my own businesses, I would get a piece of feedback during some annual reviews that would annoy me — incredibly. It came in different permeations, but always sounded something like this: Okay, so listen. I’m a supportive person. I get it. It’s one of my top strengths, and frankly it’s a superpower for […]


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Podcast Show Art Feature Robert Jordan

Leadership Styles with Robert Jordan

On the next episode of The Leadership Communication Show, I speak with Robert Jordan, co-founder and head of the leadership team at InterimExecs — a leadership executive matching firm that matches organizations with the right leaders to step in during times of trouble or stagnation.  Robert and I were introduced earlier this year and when we first met, we


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Blind Spots and Strengths Gone Awry

Oops, I did it again. I came off as arrogant. Now, I’ve been called arrogant 4 times during my professional journey. Each time it hurt my heart. Because I don’t mean to be perceived that way. Ever. Full stop. Arrogance is the flip side of my self-confidence strength. And when I show up as overly


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Leadership Communication Podcast with Guest Richard Newman

Lift Your Leadership Impact with Richard Newman

On the next episode of ⁠The Leadership Communication Show⁠, I speak with a fellow communication and leadership coach and trainer, Richard Newman. He is the Founder of a company called UK Body Talk and over the past 23 years he and his team have trained over 120,000 business leaders around the world to improve their communication and leadership impact.


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