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New Podcast Episode: Networking, Local Leadership and Looking Out for One Another with Minesh Pathak

Even though I love meeting new people, I hate networking events. On this episode of Convey I talk to Minesh Pathak, Executive Director of my favorite local chamber of commerce — one that has actually changed my opinion of networking events (and local chambers).

I wanted to talk to Minesh because I was curious how, under his leadership, the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce has evolved into such a welcoming and supportive group of business professionals. I was also very impressed with how his chamber pivoted and supported its membership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic through listening and thoughtful communication, and wanted him to share his approach with my listeners.

Listen to this episode to hear more about Minesh’s career journey, and the supportive and kind chamber family he leads here in my local area, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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Learn more about Minesh and the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce here: