Ad Hoc Speaking and Presentation Advice When You Need It Most

Comvia’s communication and presentation coaches are ready to help:

  • Improve that critical slide that you can’t get just right
  • Simplify an overloaded slide for maximum impact
  • Fix a section of your presentation that’s just not working
  • Refine or clarify a key message that is not coming through as clearly or fully as you need it to
  • Rehearse an upcoming presentation and give you the feedback you need to make your script, slides, and delivery stronger

Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with us to discuss the types of presentations you generally work on, and their frequency.
  2. We’ll prepare a monthly agreement with you or your company, and secure a retainer payment.
  3. And then you’ll be able to schedule time directly with our communication coaches whenever you need it.

That’s it! 

PresentationMedic coaching sessions are billed in 30 minute blocks and are conducted over Zoom, Teams, or Webex (or any other virtual meeting software that you like to use, as long as it has screen sharing capability). We do ask for at least 24 hours notice when scheduling sessions, but do understand that things come up at the last minute. We’ll do our very best to accommodate last minute sessions.