Podcast Cover Art - Burnout with Jason Cochran

Burnout with Jason Cochran

On the next episode of The Leadership Communication Show, I speak with entrepreneur and psychologist Jason Cochran. He is a co-founder of Dulead and iAspire Education, two companies that are transforming the way organizations engage with and develop their employees.

I invited Jason to come on the show because he knows a lot about helping leaders attract, engage, and more importantly, retain top talent. Every time we talk, I learn more about how psychology and technology can be leveraged to help everyone in an organization grow into the best versions of themselves, while positively impacting the company in just about every important way — from employee satisfaction to positive brand sentiment to the organization’s bottom line.

We talk about being able to bring our whole selves to work, mental health, psychological safety, healthy team cultures, and battling the burnout that seems to be getting more and more prevalent as the months and years march on.

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