Leadership Communication Boot Camp

February 8 & 9,​ 2022 • 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST

Good communication is the key to success for every leader. Yet most people never receive any formal communication coaching or training. Without the communications toolkit that every leader needs to be effective, how can we expect them to be the inspiring and influential leaders we need?

What You Will Learn

This workshop will position new or soon-to-be leaders for success by ensuring they are equipped to look, sound, and perform like the leader their teams need — and do it in their own authentic way. From building leadership and executive presence to fostering healthy team cultures and retaining top talent, this workshop will lay the communication foundation that every leader needs to achieve their full potential. Topics include:

  • The Skills Required for Inspiring and Influential Leadership
  • Your Leadership Communication Style
  • Listening and Facilitating
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Cultivating Winning Cultures: In-person and Remote
  • Leadership/Executive Presence

Who's This For?

This program is designed for professionals who have recently been, or are on track to be, elevated to a leadership role. It’s also perfect for leaders who have never received formal communication coaching or training.

If you are an experienced leader, our Leadership Communication Accelerator is likely a better fit.

What's Included?

Live Instruction (Virtual)

Two half-day sessions of instructor led programming conveniently accessed through our learner dashboard and Zoom.

A Digital and Printed Workbook

A digital and printed workbook, as well as digital files of all tools used during the program.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion and knowledge and tools that you can use well beyond the workshop.

Benefits of Attending

  • Leadership communication training delivered by leading experts in the field
  • Live, virtual instruction that provides the ability to ask questions and get your top concerns addressed in real time
  • Interactive, hands-on breakout sessions allowing you work with your facilitators and peers to put your learnings into practice right away
  • An online learner dashboard that houses all workshop materials in one place
  • A printed workbook and digital downloads of all workshop materials 
  • A truly interactive experience. All of our workshops combine traditional instruction with attendee participation to ensure maximum engagement and experiential learning
  • Limited seating (no more than 14 attendees) to ensure maximum engagement and focused group coaching time
  • A guarantee that you’ll leave with a thorough understanding of the materials covered and an understanding of how they can be applied at work

Your Facilitators

Michael Piperno, MS Headshot

Michael Piperno, MS

Founder and Lead Coach, The Comvia Group

Coming Soon

Senior Communication Coach, The Comvia Group