Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Podcast with Kecia Carroll

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Kecia Carroll

On the next episode of The Leadership Communication Show, I speak with my colleague and friend Kecia Carroll. Kecia is a communication strategist who partners with organizations doing meaningful work — and her company, KC Roberg, helps small and mid-size businesses and nonprofits elevate their brands and achieve their business goals.

I invited Kecia to the show today because she has helped many organizations explore the right way to create and incorporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs. I know a lot of companies and organizations struggle to do it right, so I think a conversation with Kecia will help.

We talk about culture, purpose, listening, bias, inclusive language, and the critical role of leadership in successful initiatives. Kecia also shares a lot of tips and advice for organizations who are looking to get started on, or improve, their DE&I programs. It was a great conversation and I hope you enjoy it.

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