Presentation Tips

This is a Bad PowerPoint Slide

Can One Slide Deck Really Do It All?

When you give a presentation, your slides should be simple and clear. They should support you as you convey your messages, whether you’re persuading, entertaining, inspiring, or educating. They should never cause your audience to have to read or decipher too much information. If that happens, then you’ve lost them. They are no longer listening …

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Remote Leadership Presence Workshops

Remote Leadership Presence Workshop

Our new workshop, Remote Leadership Presence: Bringing Your Best When Leading & Meeting Virtually is designed to help professionals be more effective when participating in, or leading, a remote or virtual meeting.  You’ll learn: How to look and sound your remote best. Virtual room video and audio dos and don’ts.  Best practices for facilitating and leading remote meetings. Tips …

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Avoid the Curse of Knowledge When Communicating

Communication and the Curse of Knowledge

One of the most difficult things to combat when you are leading, presenting, or even simply having a conversation with someone new, is yourself — specifically your knowledge and experience. That’s the curse of knowledge. According to Wikipedia, “the curse of knowledge is a cognitive bias that occurs when an individual, communicating with other individuals, unknowingly assumes that …

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Don't Create Slides Until You Plan Your Story

Telling a Story Versus Talking Through Slides

When I give workshops on creating compelling and persuasive presentations, the first thing I talk about is how important it is to plan the story you intend to tell.  Like most professionals, you probably jump right into PowerPoint and start putting together slides before you really consider the story those slides are trying to tell. …

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